22 nowember

Hello Again !!

How are you? I'm fine ! Now were are in Bayron Bay, it's cool, at the nomads hostel ! We came here yesterday by buss, berfore that we spend four or five days in surfers paradise ! It was really really good i love that place ! Alot of party, alot of wine, really nice beach and very nice people ! Yesterday when we came here to Bayron were we homeless, every hostel was fullboked, so we went out to the pub cheekes monekys and spend alot time there to the place closed, and then we sleep in a park wiht only dresses on us, it was fucking icecoold, alot of scary animails. That i called backpackers life !... Ushc usch, i dont like it ! But now we have a room, and a bed, and a shower ! wooow ! Today we spend the half day at the beach, i burn me little bit on my legs when i was sleept... not good !

I love my life right now, it's so good to be here !

Time for dinner !

See yaa

14 november

Haaaaai all lovely people in sweden !! I'm right now in Brisbane, and it's awesoome ! We have allredy been in Sydney for a three days and manly for a two days ! I've allready beeing here in auusie for a week, oh my good the time goes very fast !! Yesterday we had a very crazy, scary, fucking wierd friday 13 th... i wish i could take off that day, maybe my worst day in my life...
stupid stuipd us !

Gotto go now, but on monday we gonna jump SKYDIVING, i'ts crasy, 14000 feet, ooh my goood ! I'm allredy nervos..shiit ! i'm gonna die !

The sun is shining every day, i'ts amazing and i love it !

See yaa !

I miss Timba alot alot alot, you're my life !